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April 2022 BobCasts

Season 1, Episode 1 • April 17
Introducing The BobCast MOV
Welcome to the BobCast. Bob and Rick discuss the reasons for creating the BobCast and what you can expect from future episodes.
Season 1, Episode 2 • April 24
Upcoming Local Events
Due to some rather interesting technical difficulties we were almost exactly a half hour late getting started. We did, however, manage to stream live on our Twitch page, and we’ve shared the video on our personal Facebook pages and also on the Bobcast Facebook page. Hopefully, we will figure out what went wrong in time for our podcast next week. Bear with us while we learn what is all new technology to us. If one of our listeners happens to have some expertise in podcasting they would care to share with us, we would be most grateful for the assist.