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June 2022 BobCasts

[No BobCast on June 5]

Headphones IconeSeason 1, Episode 8 • June 12 (transcript)
The Pageant World with Adrienne Kerr
This evening’s guest is Adrienne Kerr, Miss Legendary Pennsboro Speeedway Preteen. She’s here to discuss her esperience in the world of pageants.
Headphones Icone Season 1, Episode 9 • June 19
Wood County Emergency Communications with
Kenny Harris, Director
Tonight’s guest is Kenny Harris, WA8LLM, Director of Wood County Emergency Communications. WCEC is an all-volunteer non-profit Amateur Radio organization, created to provide backup and overload communications to all Public Safety agencies in Wood County, West Virginia, and the surrounding counties in West Virginia and Ohio. This evening he joins us to discuss the organization and their activities, and to give us a quick peek into this year’s ARRL (Amateur Radio Relay League) Field Day, a nationwide event in which Amateur Radio Operators practice their communication skills under mock disaster conditions. Please visit their website at
Headphones IconeSeason 1, Episode 10 • June 27
Wood/Wirt County 911 with
Aaron Fleenor, Public Information Officer
Our guest this evening is Aaron Fleenor, Public Information Officer and Administrative Assistant for the Wood/Wirt County (WV) 911 Center. Aaron says that the most important take-away from his interview is “National Number, Local Service.” That means that although 911 is the national emergency number, dispatchers cannot dispatch responders out of their own area. If you live in Parkersburg and you’re talking with your grandmother in Cleveland, and she says she needs an ambulance, you must contact the dispatch center in Cleveland to get help to her. The local dispatchers can do nothing to help you. To schedule a tour of the 911 center, call the Communications Coordinator, Bill Riffle, at the business office.
Facebook: WoodCoWV911
Business Office: (304) 429-0911
Non-Emergency Dispatch: (304) 485-8501