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September 2022 BobCasts

Headphones IconeSeason 1, Episode 18 • September 4
Rick & Bob Chat About Everything
This evening Rick and Bob chatted about a number of things that are currently going on in the community, some important things to look forward to in the near future, and some things we plan to do on future BobCasts.

September 6.This is Our Town Promo #1
Bob and Rick do a short promotional video from Fort Boreman Park about our upcoming series “This is Our Town.”

Headphones IconeSeason 1, Episode 19 • September 18
Teresa Racer (aka Momma T)
Our planned guest this evening was Teresa Racer, better known in the community as “Momma T.” She was unable to get her smartphone to cooperate and connect her to our studio feed, so we will absolutely have her back on as soon as we can figure out why she was unable to connect.
   Teresa Ann Racer, better known on the street as “Momma T” leads a street ministry in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Parkersburg. Every week numerous trucks pull up to Lynn Street filled with tables to erect, hot home-cooked food, and bags of clothes to distribute. Volunteers wearing purple “Momma T and the Warriors” sweatshirts set up warming plates, lay out clothing and blankets, and look for direction from a smiling lady the locals call Momma T. As of 2018, the ministry was feeding around 350 people per week. Donations for the food, which costs around $800 weekly, come from a multitude of sources, including passersby who stop at the site to contribute. Teresa and a few helpers cook the food at their homes, then truck-driving volunteers transport the meals and clothing donations.
   Read the heart-warming article about Momma T and the Warriors. Follow her at Teresa Racer | Facebook and support her ministry through PayPal. She says the  PayPal link is and just write “Momma T and the Warriors” and the church (Parkersburg First Assembly of God) will know it’s for her.