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January/February 2023 BobCasts

Headphones IconSeason 2, Episode 0 • January 29 (Transcript)
Season Two Preview
Bob discusses what to expect from Season Two. For some reason, Rick was not able to connect to the virtual studio, so Bob did his solo act
Headphones IconeSeason 2, Episode 1 • February 12 (Transcript)
Welcome Back
Bob and Rick talk about what's coming up in Season Two. The coffee shop that Bob had such difficulty remembering the name of is Unity Cafe at 212 7th Street in Parkersburg (at 15:20). Give them a try and tell them you heard about them on the BobCast MOV. Bob also mentioned the Corner Cafe (at 16:35). They're at 231 Ann Street. Be sure to tell them that you heard about them on the BobCast MOV. Rick mentioned the Bible commentary he’s working on. It can be found at
Headphones IconeSeason 2, Episode 2 • March 12 (Transcript)
Chatting With Friends
Bob and Rick talk chat with friends who are sending us live messages via the Facebook chat option.