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April 2023 BobCasts

Headphones IconSeason 2, Episode 3 • April 2 (Transcript)
Stop Vandalism
Rick and Bob discuss the epidemic of vandalism in Parkersburg, and spotlight Mary B’s Diner. The website for the Parkersburg & Wood County Neighborhood Watch is Dates and details for all the events discussed in this episode are on our Calendar page.
Headphones IconSeason Two, Episode Four. April 4, 2023 (Transcript)
Spotlight MOV on Planet Fitness
This week we turn Spotlight MOV on Planet Fitness in South Parkersburg’s Gihon Village next door to Ollies. For all the jobs we talk about on the BobCast, go to our Jobs page, and for all the events mentioned, go to our Calendar page.
Headphones IconSeason 2, Episode 5. April 23, 2023 (Transcript)
Spotlight on the Blennerhassett Hotel
Blennerhassett Circa 1900The Historic Blennerhassett Hotel was built and constructed by Colonel William Nelson Chancellor. Construction on the original part of the hotel began in 1883, and after six years of construction, the doors were officially opened to the world on Monday, May 6, 1889. Chancellor wanted a hotel grand for its time, and second to no other hotel in the state of West Virginia, which the Blennerhassett was. The Blennerhassett was built for the millionaires of the day.
   In the 1880’s, Parkersburg was in the middle of the oil and gas boom era, and Chancellor wanted his hotel to reflect the wealth of the day. The city of Parkersburg first received electricity in 1888 for the street lights on the main streets in the town. It was electricity that was generated by natural gas. The hotel had both gas and electric at the time that it opened. Local Parkersburg companies wired the hotel for electricity, plumbed it, and fitted it throughout with gas lighting, and steam heating.
   For more history on this famout landmark go to
blennerhassett-hotel-history/ and listen to the BobCast on Spotify.
Headphones IconSeason 2, Episode 6. April 30, 2023
Spotlight on the Blennerhassett Hotel (part 2)
Last week we began our Spotlight MOV on The Blennerhassett Hotel and Spa in downtown Parkersburg. We want to thank their Digital Marketing Manager, Travis Stephens, for meeting us and giving us an extended tour of their beautiful facility. This week we continue our tour and talk some more about the long history of this Mid-Ohio Valley landmark. Be sure to read more on our Spotlight MOV on the Blennerhassett Hotel page.