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May 2023 BobCasts

Headphones IconSeason 2, Episode 7 • May 7
Spotlight MOV on the Phelps-Tavenner House (Part 1)
Tonight’s Spotlight MOV is on Phelps-Tavenner House located at 2401 Camden Avenue in South Parkersburg just off the Depot Street bridge and behind the Fire Department’s training facility. Constructed at the end of the 18th century, this is the oldest home in Wood County, West Virginia, and was continuously used as a private residence from its construction up until 2014, when it was acquired by the Wood County Historical and Preservation Society. Known as the Phelps-Tavenner House, the building has played important roles in the area’s rich history and stands today as a nod to the events, families, and traditions of its time.
Headphones IconSeason 2, Episode 8 • May 14 • Mothers’ Day
Spotlight MOV on the U.S. Constitution

As always, we look for everything positive about our community. However, this week we may need to depart just a bit from our original intent and cast the Spotlight MOV on the Constitution of the United States of America, which is unfortunately a very controversial issue these days.
Headphones IconSeason 2, Episode 9 • May 28
A Conversation with Delegate Scot Heckert
Scott Heckert Contact InfoOur very special guest this evening is West Virginia 13th District Delegate, the honorable Mr. Scot C. Heckert. Scot is a long-time friend of both Bob and Rick, and we consider it a great honor for him to take the time to be with us this evening.