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July 2023 BobCasts

Headphones IconSeason 2, Episode 10 • July 16
Park School Alumni Reunion
Tonight Bob talks about the first annual Park School Alumni Reunion held yesterday at the Parkersburg City Park.
Headphones IconSeason 2. Episode 11 • July 23
Controversy In Society

In our humble opinion (please feel free to disagree) those who want to divide America are trying to convince us that we are divided by things like income level, skin color, religious belief, amount of education, gender, or even political persuasion. We strongly disagree. We believe they are trying to divide us into just two groups: those who want to live in the America that our Founding Fathers dreamed we could become ... and those who don’t. It’s really just as simple as that. Those who want a different kind of America will go to any length to silence anyone who disagrees with them. We believe that people should stop voting for a particular party and start voting for the individual they believe best represents — and can best articulate — the kind of country, state, county, and city that they want to live in for the subsequent four years.
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