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Old English capital letter From Wood County, West Virginia, our podcast is all about the issues that affect Parkersburg and the Mid-Ohio Valley area, discussed from a Bible-based Conservative worldview. There is a lot going on in our community that most of our residents are unaware of, and we hope to generate in others as much pride in our community as we feel.

Wood and Washington Counties have a lot of really remarkable history, as they were the gateway to the Northwest Territory. Many of our first settlers migrated down the Ohio River from Fort Pitt in Pennsylvania and then moved up the Little Kanawha River into the heart of what would one day become Wood County or westward from Marietta up the Muskingum River into the Northwest Territory. When West Virginia left Virginia in 1863 to become a free state, our first Governor, Arthur I. Boreman, was from Parkersburg, and the first free Black school south of the Mason/Dixon line (Sumner School) was in Parkersburg.

Be sure to watch or listen and message us to interact with the hosts and guests as we discuss some little-known history about our area and some of the issues that directly affect us now. Let’s put our heads together and work to make a great community even greater!

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Coming Soon: “wRap Around the MOV”

Beginning with our fifth season, which starts on July 13, the BobCast intends to go to two episodes a week. One of these weekly episodes will be our standard (but hopefully improved) format; the other will be something we’re calling “wRap Around the MOV.” When Bob first got the idea for a podcast, he intended to call it “Rap Around the MOV” because he just wanted to “rap” (talk, not hip-hop) about things around the Valley. Friends talked him into calling it the “BobCast” instead.

In our “wRap Around …” episodes we are going to be chatting about the history, the people, the landmarks, and “current events” in and about Wood County and all the other counties that “wrap” around Wood County. This includes Wood, Pleasants, Jackson, Ritchie counties in West Virginia, and Washington, Athens, Morgan, and Meigs counties in Ohio.  Please send us your suggestions for whatever comes to your mind that you would like us to “rap” about.

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Sections of Our Website

Our About page contains more information about the BobCast and its hosts as well as some interesting factoids[1] about our area communities.
Contact Us
Our Contact Us page contains several ways to reach us. We look forward to hearing from you. Let us know what you think about what’s going on in Parkersburg and the Mid-Ohio Valley. Message us while we’re “on air” to interact with our hosts and our guests. This is your community, so let your voice be heard.
Our News page contains Tidbits of local news that we think will be of interest to the community.
Be sure to check our Volunteer page for information about organizations who are looking for volunteers, and people who are looking for opportunities to volunteer.
Look for upcoming events of interest on our Calendar page.
Community Resources
This page contains links to just a few of the special resources that are available to MOV residents.
Our Links page provides external links to local (or not-so-local) resources you may or may not know about.
Our Frequently Asked Question page seeks to answer questions about the BobCast and about our community.
Our Episodes page contains links to BobCast episodes.
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  1. Factoid: a brief or trivial item of news or information; an assumption or speculation that is reported and repeated so often that it becomes accepted as fact. [BACK]