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Tidbits of local news that we think will be of interest to the community.

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08/26/22 Listen to The BobCast MOV on Your Favorite Podcast Server
We now have The BobCast MOV available for listening on your favorite podcast server. Copy and paste this RSS feed URL into your podcast app:
or search for The BobCast MOV in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts or any podcast directory.
You can also listen online at .
05/25/22 Our Rebranding is Completed
New Bobast LogoWe have designed a new logo and have updated all of our online presence to be consistent with the name "The Bobcast MOV." This was necessary because we discovered that there are a number of other podcasts using the name Bobcast in one form or another, most of which are dormant, but it made searching for us a bit difficult. With the revised name anyone should be easily able to find us in any search engine by searching for "The Bobcast MOV." We are also going to begin offering branded "merch" as contest prizes or for purchase. Visit our "merch" page.
04/28/22 Our YouTube is Online
We just brought our YouTube channel online. As soon as we have 500 Subscribers we will be able to stream online there as well as on Facebook and Twitch. Please visit and click the SUBSCRIBE button, as well as the Bell to be notified when new content is posted.
04/13/22 There’s a New Top Cop in Town
Capt. Matt Board to become the new Chief
Police Chief Matt BoardThe cith of Parkersburg has a new Top Cop. Meeting in regular session last evening, the Parkersburg City Council unanimously approved the appointment of Captain Matt Board as the new Chief of Police upon Chief Scott Elliot's retirement on Friday. Matt comes from a family tradition in law enforcement. His sister Leslie retired from the department last year and his father served as Chief from 2006 to 2009. We look forward to having Chief Board on the BobCast as soon as he settles into his new position.