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Here is a tabulation of recent additions and changes to the website so you don’t have to waste time looking for new and revised content. Enjoy!

Date Type Page Comments
06/10/24 New wRap Around
the MOV
 All that’s right about the Mid-Ohio Valley 
01/27/24 Revised All We are now also on Rumble!
01/20/24 New All We are now also on iHeart Radio!
01/20/24 New Episodes Posted the interview with Chad Emrick, Candidate for Mayor of Vienna
01/07/24 New Spotlight on MOV and
Our Town
Posted a music video that contains some very nice pictures taken in and around Parkersburg
01/06/24 New Episodes Posted the interview with S. Marshall Williams, Contitution Party candidate for governor
01/04/24 Revised All pages Changed the page banner
12/15/23 New Soap Box Derby Created a new page for our sponsorship of the Parkersburg Soap Box Deerby
12/13/23 Revised Resources Added Veterans Crisis Line contact info
12/12/23 Revised Community Resources Added North Star Child Advocacy Center
12/12/23 Revised Contact Us Added our new business phone number
12/12/23 New What’s New? Created this new page
12/10/23 Revised December Episodes Added our horribly failed December 10th BobCast video (you probably don’t want to watch it ... LOL)